Thursday, September 14, 2006

School has started again :( has started again and I am definitely not very excited to do more work and study for tests. However, I am going into this year being newly engaged, it being my senior year, and having a blast with InterVarsity. So, in turn, I don't feel as if this will all be that bad. Sometimes I just wonder why I can't go to school, hang out with folks, but not have to go to class. (That is how life should be...but it's not, sadly) Oh well...
This year in IV I have been in charge of setting up the new IV website. You should definitely go and check it out. ( I also have it linked in the side column. It has been wonderful to learn how to design a webpage and for the first time ever doing it, I don't think it is too bad.
I have also had the pleasure of hooking up with Doug and co-leading a small group this year on Monday nights. We have been discussing the Book of Mark and I love it. One reason I enjoy Mark is that it starts pretty much when Jesus's missional ministry starts. I think that is a good access point for someone like me, who is deeply thinking about going into missions. I look forward to seeing what will come of this group and have to constantly remind myself to leave it in God's hands. (hard though).


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