Monday, September 18, 2006

Just another week @ ODU

This week is definitely going to be a very busy one, but I plan to not let that bother me. Even though I have large, excruciating, mounds of work to do at school it can't be that bad...right? All I know is that I am ready to graduate, get married, and get paid money to do large, excruciating, mounds of work instead of paying to have that pressed upon me.

I think the ultimate job would probably be a staff worker for InterVarsity. I mean hear me get to hang out with college students all day and be in the college atmosphere, drink hot chocolate or coffee (your choice), talk about God and how he is working on campus and in the lives of others, play frisbee with folks, take who knows how many walks outside when it is beautiful, delegate responsibilty to other students, and still get paid to do it. Now that sounds like a pretty cool job to me :)

Since it is my senior year, I have been looking for potential places to work and things to do after I graduate. I would love to move to Va. Beach for a while and work for a couple years, unitl Ash and I can raise enough support to go over seas to do missions work. I also think it would be sweet to get a job as a youth minister somewhere in Va Beach too. I just enjoy hanging out with people and talking about God....good times! But, I guess I will see what God has instore for me...fingers crossed. Now...back to the large mounds of excruciating work.


Shane Arthur said...

Are you ever going to seriously consider staff with IV?

Jason said... know....Staff with IV has crossed my mind several times...even the international IV staff. But we will see what happens. I am still not sure what will come of it.

Jon D. said...

btw, you can link my blog on the ODUIV site if you want.

Jason said...

I would love to link your blog

Melissa Carrillo said...

Hey Jason. The website you created looks awesome! There's no way I could have ever done anything like that! I'm glad I finally checked my e-mail (I had 217 messages) and saw that you had sent something. Don't get too bogged down with homework, and tell everyone I say "Hello! I miss you!". Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

i can't wait to get married and then graduate.... kinda backwards from yours but at least i'm still marrying you!!!