Thursday, October 19, 2006


I hate Exams...they make school so not-fun!

Friday, October 13, 2006

I think everyone loves fall...

So I am back now from fall break and it is truly a sorrowful occasion. However, over fall break I was able to go and visit much of my family and see my grandpa, who is in the hospital. I also enjoy traveling to Tennesee because that means I get some good ol' cookin' and I usually make it to the mountains. This past trip my fiancee and I hiked up to Roan High Knob at 6,285ft. It was absolutley gorgeous and foggy. At the begining of the hike I had started with a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, and a jacket (always good to hike in layers). By the end of the trip I was down to my long sleeve shirt.

It was defintely a beautiful hike to the top of the moutain and we both had a great time. My fiancee, however, was not too thrilled to hike to the top of the mountain because I seemed to have forgotten to tell her that we may go hiking that day. But I can say she looked very pretty with her hair done, hiking up the mountain. When we arrived at the summit we both played around on the rocks and took a bunch of pics. It was such a fun endeavor! The photo above is of the treeline heading down from the summit. As you can tell it was very foggy, and wet, but the hills were orange, yellow, and red....oh so beautiful. Once you arrived at a lower elevation the trees turned back to green.

I can't wait for the trees to change where I live. I love the fall and everything that it brings. I think one reason I enoy the fall so much, is that my favorite color is orange and that is pretty predominent in this season. I also enjoy the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg, and turkey, and brocolli casserole, and cold brisk air, and a heater. It all just wraps up together into one big blanket of autumn goodness. Oh yeah...and my b-day in in the fall too, which makes it very exciting!

- Jason

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall Break...Can I Hear A Hallelujah!

So it is Friday, the last day before Fall Break and life is wonderful. I am looking forward to spending the weekend with the relatives in Tennessee and eatin' some good ol' homecookin'. All I know is that my Nana makes the best homemade biscuits and applesauce I have ever eaten....

My Papaw has recently went into surgery for his leg and as far as I know, everything has gone well. So it will be nice to see him this weekend too. Speaking of surgery, I just had an operation on my neck this Monday. I never enjoy going to the hospital or even worse being the one being visited in the hospital. I am not sure if it is just me but, hospitals just have this particular smell to them that just gives me the creeps.

But anyways, as usual when I return from break my professors have graciously assigned a ton of work that has to be done. So once again, I will return to my utopian world or some far off distant land that I would like to visit. I am thinking of going and checking on the Tierra del Fuego, located in the southern part of Argentina, in the province of Patagonia. This is a place just south of the Straits of Magellan and Southwest of the Falkland (name depending on if your Argentinean or British) Islands. I have always wanted to travel to Patagonia and see the penguins, dolphins, and crazily beautiful landscapes. Maybe one day!

-¡Hasta Luego! Jason