Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall Break...Can I Hear A Hallelujah!

So it is Friday, the last day before Fall Break and life is wonderful. I am looking forward to spending the weekend with the relatives in Tennessee and eatin' some good ol' homecookin'. All I know is that my Nana makes the best homemade biscuits and applesauce I have ever eaten....

My Papaw has recently went into surgery for his leg and as far as I know, everything has gone well. So it will be nice to see him this weekend too. Speaking of surgery, I just had an operation on my neck this Monday. I never enjoy going to the hospital or even worse being the one being visited in the hospital. I am not sure if it is just me but, hospitals just have this particular smell to them that just gives me the creeps.

But anyways, as usual when I return from break my professors have graciously assigned a ton of work that has to be done. So once again, I will return to my utopian world or some far off distant land that I would like to visit. I am thinking of going and checking on the Tierra del Fuego, located in the southern part of Argentina, in the province of Patagonia. This is a place just south of the Straits of Magellan and Southwest of the Falkland (name depending on if your Argentinean or British) Islands. I have always wanted to travel to Patagonia and see the penguins, dolphins, and crazily beautiful landscapes. Maybe one day!

-¡Hasta Luego! Jason

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